Wedding Party


  • megan

    Megan Neary - Maid of Honor

    Megan is Kelly’s big sister, best friend, and Maid of Honor. She loves Netflix, Zumba, and her precious dog Lilly. Kelly and Megan have completely opposite personalities that seem to work together perfectly to make life fun. These sisters can be found experimenting in the kitchen, singing their hearts out, or traveling the world together.

  • alexr

    Alex Ritchey

    Alex is Kelly’s main poodle. Their connection really began when Kelly nursed Alex’s toe back to health during a high school mission trip to Honduras. Alex loves her sweet hubby John-Michael, fine dining and exploring the great city of Atlanta. Kelly and Alex can be found dancing to Beyonce or on a double date at Café Intermezzo with their well-dressed men.

  • alexs

    Alex Sawyer

    Alex is Kelly’s go-to girl. They met through their men but became best friends through their mutual love for medicine, adoption, and double-dates. She enjoys laid back music, building iPhone apps for the CDC, and decorating her trendy home in VaHi. You can find these two eating cupcakes, doing sketchy craigslists deals or enjoying an evening walk on the Beltline.

  • allee

    Allee Rodenbaugh

    Allee is “the eye”. She loves expertly planning parties, borrowing and lending clothes, and reformed theology. Kelly thought Allee graduated high school 3 times before they finally became friends. They can be found on a lunch date at Panera, turning bible study into a Bruster’s run, or “barbecuing” in Allee’s back yard. **Allee will be skyping into the wedding from India.

  • ashlyn

    Ashlyn Deese

    Ashlyn is Kelly’s soul sista. She loves her Auburn Tigers, water-coloring, and a well-executed sock bun. It took Kelly and Ashlyn years to cross paths, but they instantly bonded at summer camp just before their senior year of high school and never looked back. You can find them shopping at Target, binge eating at El Ran or learning to weight lift at LA fitness.

  • jaclyn

    Jaclyn Regnery

    Jaclyn is Austin’s little sister and Kelly’s soon to be sister-in-law. She spends most of her time SnapChatting or dominating in one of her many sports activities. Kelly and Jaclyn share a mutual love of sweet desserts and J.Crew.

  • jessica

    Jessica Gettemy

    Jessica is a born encourager. She loves all things India, long coffee dates, and being friends with anything that moves. Jessica stuck with Kelly through the worst of her “I don’t text anyone back” years and taught her pretty much everything she knows about friendship. They can be found chatting at the Copper Coin, sipping on Sangria in the mountains, or getting down on the dance floor.

  • jessicar

    Jessica Riddle

    Jessica is Kelly’s sorority “big sister” and real world bestie. She loves fighting injustice, “camping”, and Jeni’s ice cream. Kelly went months thinking that Jessica was Native American, only to find out that she is just a common Floridian. Kelly and Jessica can be found eating a pasta dinner at Figo, harmonizing in a parking deck, or on a covert mission to grow their Phi Mu family.

  • kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn Hammond

    Kaitlyn is Kelly’s sassiest friend. She loves pure bred dogs, tacos, and Mindy Kaling. After months of intimidation during Kelly’s junior year of high school, they were finally introduced via white-board message and have been friends ever since. You can find Kaitlyn and Kelly lounging by the pool discussing celebrity gossip or taking virtual house tours on Zillow.


  • nick

    Nick Beyer - Best Man

    Austin and Nick met freshman year of High School when they had the same English class together. Over the years they became best friends through their various antics, and Nick has challenged Austin in extreme activities ever since. From racing down black diamonds in Vail, Colorado to blowing up a bike at the lake - there is never a dull moment when Nick is around. He is also one of the most trustworthy friends Austin knows because Nick never gives up a secret.

  • jordan

    Jordan Regnery

    Jordan is Austin’s younger brother and growing up they were inseparable. Wherever one went the other followed. It did not matter if they were playing Call of Duty or football, they both loved competing against each other - despite Jordan winning 99% of the time. Austin could not have asked for a better brother, and there is no one he would rather just kick it with than his bro.

  • austin l

    Austin Landers

    Austin and Austin L. (AKA Pittsburgh) first met in small group at Freshley. The person Austin can most relate Pittsburgh to is Phil Dunphy. Like Phil, he is a realtor and has the best off-the-wall jokes. They share a passion for Audis, expensive watches, and wearing LL Bean boots. Austin does not actually have the nickname Pittsburgh, but has been trying to make it a thing ever since they met.

  • david

    David Sawyer

    David is Austin’s ex-roommate and confidant for relationship advice. He has incredible passion for everything he does. Whether it is a game of Super Smash Bros or learning a new programming language, David always gives it 110%. He has the innate ability to remain a child at heart, enjoys midnight runs, and is always down to rage in a mosh pit at Phi Slam.

  • mason

    Mason Elledge

    The first interaction Austin had with Mason was when Mason came to give him his bid into Theta Xi. Little did Austin know that Mason would become one of his greatest role models. Mason always challenges Austin to think deeper, know the Lord more, and to invest in others. They share a love for Friday Night Lights, traveling abroad, and organized schedules.

  • michael

    Michael Ehmann

    Michael is Austin’s longest running friend, dating all the way back to 2nd grade, and they have remained close ever since. They have shared countless memories over the years; most memorable being their days on the lake in North Georgia and on the slopes in Utah. Michael was voted most dependable in high school, and boy does he ever live up to that reputation.

  • nickh

    Nick Hobbs

    Austin and Nick had several classes together growing up, but where they got to know each other the best was in small group during high school. You can find Austin and Nick eating lunch at Gyro Bros, snowboarding in Utah, on a boat in Carters Lake, or giving Michael Ehmann and Tyler Eason a hard time - one of their favorite past times.

  • phil

    Philip Turner

    Austin and Phil went head to head on the lacrosse field in high school. While they may have been rivals on the field, off the field they were close buds. You could find them making a stop animation film in Kroger, jumping off cliffs, blowing stuff up in the woods, jamming to Umphrey’s McGee, or camping outside of Best Buy for Black Friday. These seemingly random memories have continued to foster a strong friendship despite living 1,500 miles away from each other now.

  • robert

    Robert MacDonell

    Robert is one of Austin’s zaniest friends. Austin spent most of his freshman year at UGA in Robert’s room bonding over Super Smash Bros. Robert is fluent in Latin even though he cannot speak it, enjoys playing League of Legends while doing Biochemistry, and longboarding with Austin on the Lakeside loop - until he tore his ACL one fateful evening.

  • tyler

    Tyler Eason

    Tyler is one of Austin’s preppiest friends. He loves wearing Cole Haan, crashing open houses, and working in high finance. Tyler has always been a great source of wisdom, laughs, and reassurement. No matter what the situation, he has always been there to encourage Austin.